Mother Monster (mothermonster) wrote,
Mother Monster

Writer's Block: Marathon sessions

Aside from sleeping and being awake, what is the longest consecutive amount of time you've spent doing one thing? What was it?
62 hours, writing a final paper for my BS in Nursing,, then I got in my car and drove 90 miles--one way--to turn the paper in, and take my Mom to the airport. She had come to type the paper for me, after I threatened to cut my throat when she said she couldn't fly from Albuquerque to Phoenix to type it. This was in 1970, and not everyone knew how to type, as a matter of fact, it was a rather specialized skill, and I couldn't type a bit. I really didn't mean I would do myself damage--other than flunking the class and the year! Also, just so you all can feel sorry for me, I have to tell that I finished my last 2 years of collage, commuting 90 miles to campus daily--that's a 120 mile round trip, over lousy, high desert mountains, that were 2 lanes without guard rails, and if I miss-timed it, I was going against traffic from the copper mines, with the miners just off work and on their way to the nearest bars!! As we pulled out of the drive-way on the way to ASU to turn the paper (120 pages) in, my husband leaned into the car and promised my mother, that this marathon writing session would never happen, because, he said "I'm killing her when she gets home!!! We lived in a little Kennocott mining town-- that was 90 miles from Phoenix and 90 miles from Tuscon.
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