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there was an 8.9 earthquake just off Northern Japan about 10 pm our time tonight--It was about 2 or 3 in the afternoon March 12 in Japan, which generated 7.9, and 6 plus 'after shocks' The after shocks were major quakes, and the Prof from Portland State said 8.9 is a gigantic quake, one of the biggest on record. We had just flipped on the TV a little after it happened, and watched as a tsunami came washing in--in real time--cars were being tumbled along like they were plastic, and dreadful memories of Indonesia were awakened. The 1st wave was said to be about 9 or10 feet. The countryside there in Japan is flat as a pancake, and there is No high ground to run to. 200 or so miles away in Tokyo, buildings were damaged and fire were started--oil refinery s were damaged and there were pictures of huge fire! So far I haven't heard and causality reports, but there will surely be lots. There has been tsunami warning for Hawaii, and people are evacuating--happily they have about 5 hours, so if one pays attention and reacts rationally they will be ok. Tsunami warning have been issued for the California and Oregon coasts , but thus far not further North. If you pray, now is the time to send them for Japan, and if you don't have a God to lean on, I guess now is the time to make sure you have a survival kit ready, and to start thinking of how we can help the people in Japan from here.
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